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Science AF Shorts
The OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science!

Individual Segments of Science News and Explainers from the show ION Scionce ( and Science AF the podcast ( Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) talks about the newest science and technology breakthroughs with barely qualified explanations and occasional opinions no one asked for.

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Science AF Shorts
Common Nonsense: Lensa Portrait App and The Inevi

Lensa is a Portrait Painting App that uses Artificial Intelligence and has spark


Science AF Shorts
Space Madness: The Closest Black Hole

Astronomers have discovered the closest yet black hole to Earth at about 1600 li


Science AF Shorts
Cryo-Aeronautics: Zero Emission Air Travel

Airbus is developing ultra-cold cryo-tanks for airliners to hold compressed liqu


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